Zernez,Swiss National Park. Bearded Vulture Walk


It’s been interesting to come to the Swiss National Park, its only one, after the  strangely urban feel of Grindelwald with its trains, buses, crowds and many groomed walks.

Here the feel is much more austere and wild and unpopulated. The village is solid, with buildings standing strong and square onto the streets. You can sense the dominance of winter and the importance of shelter.

We walked to Margunet Pass on the Bearded Vulture Walk. Not a bird in sight, but magnificent paths, scenery and views. The climb was 450 metres up and we walked up to the Pass and down the other side. It took us about four and half hours.


Nearly at the top here, but photo into the sun unfortunately.


There’s a chamois in there.

At the top, we sat and ate lunch gazing over the mountains and the path leading down.


It was a beautiful path right down to the river valley below.


Once down to the river, we followed it down and down until we came back to the road at P7. It was a 500 metre path through the fir trees back up to P8 where we had started.



I’m going to add to this later. Just wanted to get images and brief account up while there’s a wifi connection.

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