I’ve been interested in writing about two periods of my life. First, looking back and writing about my ‘free range’ childhood in Eaglehawk, a small, former gold mining town in central Victoria, Australia. Those were not the days of helicoptering parents.

Then my writing leapfrogs over the years of my English and Geography teaching. It does a smaller jump over the reinvention of myself as a ceramic artist (you can Google ‘Liz Low ceramic artist’). I’ve now given up my studio as it was all becoming too hard on my body, and have been enjoying the creativity of writing.

Initially I wrote about what I saw happening around me as I walked to the shops, caught the tram, sat on the beach – bits and pieces of daily life and aspects of holidays. After about five months (ie September, 2014), I realized that what I was really writing about was Urban Nature. How I see the natural world in my city environment and how I, as a city dweller, observe the natural environment when I visit it outside cities.

These fragments of writing are now being  put into order and offered for reading.

The blog feels like a digital filing cabinet – drawers open and ready for dipping into.


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